Act Now to stop the Reservoir Proposal! Thames Water brings proposes to bring reservoir forward
by 10 years - construction would
begin in 2025 !

Thames have announced that their new plan will propose to bring the Abingdon Reservoir forward to start construction in 2025 (a decade earlier than previously). The size of the reservoir (50% larger than that rejected at the 2010 Public Inquiry) is now more than 50% justified on selling water to other water companies, not just to satisfy London's growth, which Thames have been forced to admit will be less than their original exaggerated figures had proposed. Thames Water are now proposing to make the reservoir a joint project with Affinity Water (which supplies Hertfordshire and parts of Essex and Kent).

It is clear that local residents and businesses have a more pressing fight on our hands than we originally thought. The Thames Water plan still fails to give sufficient economic, environmental or social justification for the reservoir as a 'storage and distribution hub' for the South-east (as it is now styled in Thames Water presentations). Thames Water and Affinity have no prospective water company customers: indeed other SE water companies (South-east Water and Southern Water) have already withdrawn their requests for future supply from Thames The whole project smacks of commercial positioning and speculation even more than ever, and local organisations should oppose it vigorously. GARD pledges to do just this. The best methods of bringing 'new water' into the stressed south-east remain transfer from Wales/River Severn, or water re-use or desalination. These are deliverable earlier than a reservoir, and more flexible and resilient against future climate change.

The second consultation will last until 28th November. GARD will be holding information meetings for residents:
East Hanney Memorial Hall – Friday 9th November , 7.30pm
Drayton, Village Hall – Wednesday 14th November , 7.45pm

Please come along and see why the reservoir proposal is a threat to local life and a bad choice to supply water for the South-East.

Act Now to respond to Thames Water's consultation.
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with title “Thames Water’s draft water resources management plan” in the subject line.

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GARD' summary of the major objections to the proposal to advance the reservoir construction, and to the reservoir itself, can be found here and here.

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